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Member Spotlight-Banks Vickhouse

06/07/2022 10:51 AM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Membership Spotlight

Banks Vickhouse


What initially motivated you to join VSHP?


As a P1 I wanted to get involved in a big organization that would expose me to many different opportunities for shadowing and volunteering. I have an interest in Health-System pharmacy, so this organization felt perfect for me.


What school are you attending and what year? 


I am currently a P2 attending Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy.


Do you currently work in a pharmacy and if so what practice setting?


I work at a Kroger pharmacy and also am applying for a position at a hospital pharmacy.


What advice would you give to a P1 student or someone interested in pharmacy school?


Look into all the organizations that you can become a part of, and keep your options open for all avenues of pharmacy. You never know what you may want to do until later on in your education. I find new interests in every area of pharmacy that I learn about.


Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?


Outside of work I enjoy traveling and hiking. I love exploring new places, whether it be on a mountain or at a beach.


What is your favorite place to vacation?


My favorite place to vacation is anywhere warm! I love Miami, the Caribbean, really any place that has great attractions to see and warm temperatures to enjoy them in.


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