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Membership Spotlight-Alissa Clayton

03/01/2022 11:05 AM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Membership Spotlight

Alissa Clayton-VSHP Mentorship Program Student Vice Chair


What initially motivated you to join VSHP?

I chose to join my student chapter of VSHP due to the unique opportunities for networking, career development, and residency preparation. I was especially intrigued by the VSHP Mentorship Program because I viewed it as a fantastic opportunity to gain mentorship and advice relating to specific fields of pharmacy that were of interest to me.

What school are you attending and what year? 

Virginia Commonwealth University, Class of 2022


Do you currently work in a pharmacy and if so what practice setting?



What advice would you give to a P1 student or someone interested in pharmacy school?

I would highly recommend every P1 student joins VSHP and takes advantage of the VSHP Mentorship Program. It is extremely important to begin preparing for residency and career opportunities early on in pharmacy school and this is a crucial way to get started.


Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?

Outside of pharmacy, I am passionate about advocating for mental health awareness. I have also danced most of my life and continue to perform even as a pharmacy student!


What is your favorite place to vacation?

My grandparent’s live on the beach in a small town in New Jersey. This is my own little slice of heaven and my favorite place to be!


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