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Membership Spotlight-Empsy Munden- 8-31-2021

08/31/2021 10:24 AM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Membership Spotlight

Empsy Munden

What initially motivated you to join VSHP?

My pharmacist employment was at MCV Hospitals in Richmond (1972) and then at Chesapeake General in Chesapeake (actually open the pharmacy with Lloyd Ruona, Pharmacy Director-  from Winchester Hospital) in Jan 1977  -- we stocked an empty pharmacy area with medications and got the IV Hood up a running a week before the opening.   I joined VSHP in 1974 or so because it was an opportunity to be with other hospital pharmacists and see what was happening in their hospitals.   I also joined VPHA  for similar reasons and because many of my pharmacist  colleagues and mentors were members.

Where did you go to pharmacy school?

VCU- MCV – Medical College of Virginia – in 1972 when the P-72’s graduated…. YES that will be FIFTY – Five-Zero years next year 2022-  that we have been Pharmacists with all the changes and challenges – THE BEST PROFESSION  - in my opinion

Where have you trained or worked? 

Under grad -  William & Mary and Longwood and ODU

MCV-VCU hospitals, Chesapeake General Hospital, Omnicare Pharmacies (Comp-U-Dose & several other names- currently CVS/Omnicare and some part-time with PharMerica, Sentara LongTerm Care and little retail coverage on occasion.   Volunteering for the professional organizations (VSHP, VPHA, VBMRC)

 Currently only doing volunteer pharmacist work with the Va Dept. of Health -VDH – with the Virginia Beach Medical Reserve Corps- VBMRC as a vaccinator and pharmacist volunteer.    Follow a few neighbors to their MD visits and provide a Medication Review report to them for the physician if requested. 

Describe your current area of practice and practice setting:  see above- RETIREMENT ROCKS… Volunteering Great…  organizations seem to love Pharmacists--- which works well for me…

Also staying involved with your neighborhood-- Cape Story by the Sea my civic league (I was president for a decade with July 4 parades, Santa in the Park, Oyster Roasts, helping neighbors and causes… still active but NOT the PREZ!!)... stay active in CITY citizen organizations from the CAC- Citizens Advisory Committee- with the Police 2nd precinct – monthly meetings to discuss precinct crime/concerns,  VB Bayfront Advisory Commission  etc… If you live there, GET active there… Have a VOICE

What advice would you give to student pharmacists?

YOU Have Chosen (or it may have Chosen YOU) a GREAT Profession-  you can do amazing things for your patients, neighbors, schools, churches… be the role model you can be. Stay up to date on the medications/diseases, be active in your professional organizations and YOUR Community, be a resource and reasonable person to ALL.  Encourage possible consideration of a Pharmacist career by example and by suggestion to someone that you believe would embrace the profession.

Of course, a daily walk on the Chesapeake Bay (ME) or any trail or neighborhood with outside venues preferred is healthy for body and soul… with a nice beverage of your choice as a reward for another day being alive and moving ….   

Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?

Think I have addressed that above in my ramblings

What is your favorite place to vacation?

That would be my Pinkhouse on the Chesapeake Bay looking at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel where my evening view is the sunset over the first tunnel in the Summer.  Virginia Beach has always been a favorite vacation spot when growing up in Blackstone, Va.  Knew there was that summer week at Virginia Beach.   Took some time but moved to Va Beach as a resident in 1977 and been here ever since.   Trips to Australia and England with tour from Normandy to Paris to Austria to Belgium and Germany was a Great Adventure and enjoyed immensely but I am quite content on the Bay every day now.


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