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Membership Spotlight-Matt Bates-6-28-2021

06/28/2021 5:12 PM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Membership Spotlight

Matt Bates


What initially motivated you to join VSHP?

-          I initially learned about VSHP at my college (Appalachian College of Pharmacy) on orientation week. I was motivated from the beginning to learn more about the field and connect with those that have similar goals and are smarter than me in the profession. I think that if we as students ever have an opportunity to pick another Pharmacist’s brain, then it is in our best interest to do so. I have learned that surrounding yourself with other like minded people will set yourself up for the greatest success in transitioning from an intern to a pharmacist. This trait about VSHP really stood out to me because of their values behind their organization. VSHP has the goal to promote a community of Pharmacists, from all areas within the field, and this really attracted me to the organization in furthering my education with others.

What school are you attending and what year? 

-          I am a P3 student at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.

Do you currently work in a pharmacy and if so what practice setting?

-          I currently have the opportunity to intern at a Walgreens pharmacy here in southwest Virginia. Shoutout to Walgreens store #09948! My daily responsibilities are to help in work-flow, complete Medication Therapy Management outcomes for our patients, communicate with other health care professionals in regards to treatment for patients, and of course help out with vaccinations (thanks COVID) among others. I want to continue my career after graduation in the community pharmacy, as it has given me the biggest sense of fulfillment in my early career.

What advice would you give to a P1 student or someone interested in pharmacy school?

-          My biggest insight that I can give to an incoming student or one who wants to pursue pharmacy is to really try and get a general understanding for the Top 300 drugs. These will not only help with entry level work your P1 year, but will also get you into the habit of understanding what you really need to know when you start your pharmacotherapy courses. Working in a pharmacy prior to school and during school will be the biggest help in the success that a student has during school. You can definitely do well in pharmacy school with no background in drug knowledge or as a technician, but it definitely makes the process of pharmacy school smoother.

Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?

-          I am very interested in the field of personal development. I love reading books and listening to podcasts that will help further my knowledge in goal setting, career planning, entrepreneurship, my spiritual faith, etc. I am also obsessed with coffee, personal fitness, hanging out with my family, and watching the New York Yankees (when they are winning).

What is your favorite place to vacation?

-          Without a doubt, my favorite place to go on vacation is to Disney World with my family. My brother and his wife had recently welcomed a boy (in photo) in early 2020, so I cannot wait to go as a bigger family.


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