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VSHP Grants Committee Update April 2022

04/27/2022 11:11 AM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Grants Program Update

In 2021, the VSHP Grants team evaluated several requests for grants and funded two of them. One of the projects which was funded provides intranasal naloxone to patients who are admitted to the UVA ED for opioid overdose, or who have a history of opioid use disorder. Although naloxone can be purchased at pharmacies, the project’s goal is to remove as many barriers as possible, and get the naloxone into the hands of the high - risk patients who would benefit from it. Providing education to the recipients is another part of the program.

As of April 2022, the program is active. The photos show ED physician education on the program, and also some of the naloxone provided by VSHP’s funding.


Photo credit: C Morgan Morrell


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